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Refugee Onboarding

Refugee Onboarding--STAFF Use

Click here if you are entering information for a NEW refugee. If you are adding information for an existing refugee, please use Zoho App or email collected info to Jen.

Refugee Registration--REFUGEE Use Only

This form is for refugees to fill out their basic information to show interest in enrolling in our programs. We will then contact them and collect more detailed information.

One-Time Volunteers

Event Help - Individual

Individual volunteers use this form to register to help ONE TIME at a monthly event. Regular volunteers should use the “Volunteer Registration” form.

Event Help - Group

Volunteer groups can register to help by having a group representative fill out this form.

Volunteer Waiver

Click here to access the volunteer waiver.

Volunteer Group Follow Up Form

Send this form to volunteer groups to get their feedback.

Monthly Reports

Monthly Mentor Report

This is the link for the monthly mentor report.

Staff/Volunteer Monthly Report

This is the link for the STAFF/VOLUNTEER monthly report.

New Individual and Organization Contacts

Newly Interested Contact

Click here if you have met someone new who is interested in Of One Heart. If you are adding info for an existing contact, please use Zoho App or email info to Jen.

Add New Organization

Fill out form to add a new organization to our database.

Regular Volunteers - Applications

Mentor Application

This is the form for those wanting to apply to be mentors in the Welcome Mentor program.

Volunteer Application

Click here for the form for all non-mentor volunteers.

Event Mentor Application

This is for those who want to mentor monthly at our group activities.

Program Support Application

This is the form for those wanting to apply to be mentors in our Welcome Mentor Program

Misc. Forms

Mentor Commitment

This is the mentor commitment form for them to fill out immediately following their interview.

Enter Emails from Mailchimp

Use this form to enter new emails from Mailchimp.