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Welcome Mentoring Program

Help newly arrived refugees acclimate to life in their new community. You will share basic understanding of American life-skills and will learn from their resilience and strength.

Monthly Group Mentoring

Become a group activity mentor. At our monthly group activities, you will befriend a refugee and guide them through an evening of activities, classes, and fun.

Friend Mentoring Program

Make a refugee friend! Share experiences and learn together as you teach each other about your cultures and backgrounds. This is a life-changing opportunity.


Group Service Project

Organize a group service project to prepare gifts to give to refugee families.

Help at an Event

Volunteer to help at one of our monthly group activities.

Organize a Fundraiser

Use your talents to organize a fundraiser to raise money to help refugees.


Host Refugee Awareness Program

Help raise awareness by hosting a Refugee Journey Presentation. This workshop will be personalized for your group and can include a service project.

Learn More About Refugees

Attend a volunteer orientation to learn more about the journey of a refugee. You will also learn about ways that you can help through Of One Heart, as well as several other local organizations.

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