Who is a Refugee?

Watch this video to learn about the situations that define a person as a refugee.

Where do Refugees Come From?

Refugees can come from anywhere. Watch this video to learn more about our world’s refugees.

How Do Refugees Get to the US?

Explore this comprehensive flow chart to learn more about the process for US refugee admissions.

“More than 100 million people are forcibly displaced

“In last year’s Global Trends report, UNHCR predicted that “the question is no longer if forced displacement will exceed 100 million people – but rather when”. The when is now. With millions of Ukrainians displaced and further displacement elsewhere in 2022, total forced displacement now exceeds 100 million people. This means 1 in every 78 people on earth has been forced to flee – a dramatic milestone that few would have expected a decade ago.”


Working together we CAN make a difference!

We are a grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to refugee and community integration. Our programs include refugee mentoring, community outreach, and public awareness. Together, we can help refugees thrive as important members of our communities.

Of One Heart

We are a grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping local refugees thrive through mentoring. We connect refugees with mentors to hep them integrate and to empower them to thrive in their new homes.

Gathering Humanity

Gathering Humanity is an organization that furnishes the apartments for all refugees arriving in Phoenix. This allows refugees to save their limited funds to use on other necessities.

Who is UNHCR?

Watch this video to learn more about the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or visit their website at:


Refugees are seeking asylum and assistance in many countries around the world. We cannot help everyone but we can help those within our reach. Refugees are pouring into our country and our community. They bring with them skills, talents, hopes and unique perspectives that can enrich and strengthen our communities.

Here is how we are / can help them…


Four Authorized Resettlement Agencies in Arizona

Federal resettlement assistance to refugees is provided primarily through the state-administered refugee resettlement program. States provide social services, transitional cash and medical assistance, as well as maintain legal responsibility for the care of unaccompanied refugee children. There are four authorized resettlement agencies in Arizona. The case load for these hard-working agencies is overwhelming. Local charities and community volunteers provide essential support and assistance in meeting the needs of vulnerable refugees.

These are the four authorized resettlement agencies in Arizona…

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